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5 Single-Use Cotton Sheet Mask Set of 5

5 Single-Use Cotton Sheet Mask Set of 5

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Set of 5 Cotton Sheetmasks. Use this cotton sheet mask to help with maximum absorption of your face serum and to prevent the evaporation of any water content in your face serum. This at-home face care accessory is used to:

-Smooth skin after waking up from a hangover or, for use after a hard work day, exposed to environmental toxins,

- Hydrate skin, especially in extreme climates like harsh winter months or summer heatwaves, 

- Plump up fine lines for a tighter skin, less wrinkled appearance on the face. 

To use dampen the sheet mask in look warm water, apply your serum of choice to a clean face, then apply your dampened cotton sheet mask. Keep on for at least 15 minutes.

This mask is a perfect at-home spa accessory, and accompaniment to hydration and quick nourishment and moisture products such as the Tea Tree and Aloe Mist and the Hemp and Co Enzyme Q10 Serum or a personal favourite the Cucumber and Green Tea Serum with Hyaluronic Acid.

This is made from 100% Cotton and is disposable. Environmentally friendly product and packaging. 

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