Our Story

Shop Owner
Hi, I am Menns. I am Jamaican, living in Lithuania. I make Skinfood with Lithuanian oils for our Lithuanian and Black Diaspora Community in Europe and the US.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Natural Oils and Botanical ingredients                             

Hazelberry Skinfood is a Lithuanian Bath and Body Workshop encouraging selfcare and the use of effective nourishing and healing natural oils and botanical food extracts in bath and body care products. Lithuanian Oils such as Hempseed Oil and Wild Flaxseed Oil are our foundation ingredients. We add fruits and vegetable and botanical extracts for their antioxidant boost to create soft, nourished, repaired skin when you use our bath and body products.

Solid Cosmetics and Ecological and Sustainable Packaging

One main priority of the Workshop is making cosmetics in solid form so that they can be packaged in recyclable, lightweight paper packaging. Hazelberry Skinfood makes solid lotions (yes, solid lotions that look like soap but which are not soap), solid shampoos and conditioners, solid aromatherapy shower and sauna tablets. Join our grassroots endeavour to use more solid cosmetics and minimise the use of plastics. We feel this is a wonderful initiative our diverse customers can build a community around.

Selfcare and Diverse Community-Building

We adore meeting people—we love their personal stories, the history of their countries, and we want to have an online space to engage our Community. At our workshop we get visitors and customers from Lithuania, Jamaica, Cameroon, France, Turkey, the UK, USA, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and even Australia. You can visit the Hazelberry Skinfood shop in Lithuania at Vilnius’ Old Town at Pylimo g. 38 for a fun learning experience or a workshop on how to make your own selfcare and skin remedy or perfume.

Check out our blog for bath and body and selfcare tips; or follow us on instagram to watch us formulate in the Workshop.

We look forward to meeting,

Menns, Shop Owner,

Hazelberry Skinfood