Our Story

Hi, I am Menns. I am Jamaican, living in Lithuania. I hand-make Skinfood with Lithuanian oils for our Vilnius and Black diaspora Community from around the world.                 
                                                                              Our Freshly-handmade Hempseed Oil and Natural Foods Bath and Body Products will care for Your and Your Family's Skin so you can live connected to Nature and Your Community.                                                                                                                                                  

Hazelberry Skinfood is a Lithuanian/Jamaican family shop. I moved to Vilnius to raise our little daughter, Hazel. As a Jamaican, living away from home, I wanted a way to connect with the people of Vilnius. I make fun, simple, food-based bath and body products for my family and friends and want to share them with you. Hazelberry Skinfood, named for Hazel, is a way to encourage a warm exchange with locals in Vilnius and the Black diaspora around the world.

Join our grassroots endeavour to use more solid cosmetics and minimise the use of plastics. 

We adore meeting people—we love their personal stories, the history of their countries, and we want to have an online space to engage our Community.

You can visit the Hazelberry Skinfood shop in Vilnius’ Old Town at Pylimo g. 38 for a fun learning experience or a workshop on how to make your own skin remedy or perfume.

Check out our blog for selfcare tips or follow us on instagram to watch us make skinfood in our shop @hazelberryskinfoodhttps://www.instagram.com/hazelberryskinfood/?hl=en

We look forward to meeting,

Menns, Shop Owner, Hazelberry Skinfood 

Hazel’s Mom and Chauffeur