Wholesale --Stockists

Would you like to stock our products? Welcome to Hazelberry Skinfood. 

We sell our products wholesale to physical retail stores or other small, local businesses such as a farmer's market stalls, a grocery stores, dry goods shops, sustainable goods businesses, boutique hotels, or spas to sell.

Our freshly-handmade Hempseed Oil and Natural Foods Bath and Body Products will
Care for Your and Your Family's Skin so you can live connected to Nature and your Community.

When you order our products, we deliver fresh, simple, and clean skinfood made from body butters and oils, healing plant and herb therapies, luscious milks, delicious scents, and earthy minerals and salts. Everything is custom-made to your specification and to your bespoke taste and in accordance with the Hazelberry Skinfood business ethos.

The eclectic, colourful, and fun shop logo, and package design is reflective of our love of vibrant living and captures the essence of the colourful plant and animal-derived extracts, food powders, mineral clays, and other ingredients in our products. All products sold to other vendors will carry our pretty, workshop brand.

We absolutely believe in the healing and skin-nourishing content of food and have committed to the healthy goodness of food and food-based ingredients as inclusions in all of our skinfoods—whether they are unctuous balms, solid shampoos, face creams, silky soaps and oils, relaxing bath salts, or exfoliating scrubs.

We are happy to collaborate with other businesses that share our values.

You can contact me Keneisha at Keneisha at Hazelberryskinfood.com  or see me  @keneisha_hazelberry on Instagram.