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Green Tea and Cucumber Serum

Green Tea and Cucumber Serum

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This is a hyaluronic acid hydration serum with Cucumber extract and Green Tea Hydrosol. A serum is a lightweight, easily-absorbed, quick skin nourishing product. It can be water-based or oil-based and it is a wonderful way of giving your face moisture with vitamins (oil-based) or hydration with nutrients and antioxidants (water-based).

This Green Tea and Cucumber Serum is a vegetable and botanical water-based serum with wonderful antioxidant and vitamin skin nourishers. The Green tea hydrosol is intended to balance out the skin's pH and is a wonderful toner. Green tea is said to reduce redness, puffiness, inflammation, and traps toxins that causes the skin to degrade and look dull, sallow, and wrinkly. Cucumber extract contains vitamins C and K and cucumbers are excellent when it comes to addressing free radicals and even acne, allowing your skin to cool off, de-puff, and clear up.

The serum also contains Aloe Vera Juice, hyaluronic acid to give immediate plumpness to the skin, silk protein, Pro-Vitamin B5, and glycerin to help in moisture retention.

Try this serum for relieving:


Redness and puffiness,

Sallow, grey, dull-looking skin,

Sunburns and skin damage due to harsh weather

To help repair skin barrier after damage from weather or damage from skin acid/resurfacing treatments.

To soothe your face after coming in out of the sun.

Under your make-up for a more flushed and hydrated, glowing look.

For addressing shaving bumps and redness caused by shaving.

Dry, itchy skin as a toner -- for balancing out the skin's pH after using a face soap or face wash.

As a pre-face cream product to give added hydration to your face on harsh weather days.


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