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Vibrating Facial Contourer and Wrinkle-Smoother

Vibrating Facial Contourer and Wrinkle-Smoother

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Vibration therapy. This is a facial vibration and pulsing tool that can be used for smoothing fine lines, wrinkle, rough and uneven skin. When the pulses a transmitted to your skin the cause the facial muscles to contract and relax. It's a good facial exercise tool.

Use it to:

-Encourage facial blood flow and circulation to help collagen production, 

- For facial exercising to lift sagging skin, skin tightening, and revitalisation, 

-Helps to reduce wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, lips, and neck. 

For an added aid to collagen production, use this tool together with a Retinol and anti-wrinkle moisture treatment. 


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