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Turmeric and Honey Butter

Turmeric and Honey Butter

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This is a solid lotion. A moisturising balm intended to help heal scars, fade dark spots, and calm inflammated skin. Turmeric is said to be anti-inflammatory and anti-pigmentation, ideal for treating dark spots and reddened skin.

This body balm is made with mango butter, shea butter, hempseed oil, and wild flaxseed oil that has been infused with turmeric root glycerite. It also contains turmeric essential oil, colloidal oatmeal, silk protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin A/Retinyl Palmitate, cedarwood essential oil.

Try it for:

Fading dark, scarred, pigmented skin. 

Treating bruised and darkened skin on the inner thigh, buttocks, the nape of the neck, underarm, elbows, and knees. 

Use on sunburns, minor burns, cuts, skin rashes, dry, itchy skin.

This product can be used on the face for a maximum of no more than three times per week to aid in the removal of pigmented skin. 

Use at night to avoid sensitivity to the Sun. 

Suitable for all the Family, including Children. 

Ingredients include shea butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, wild flaxseed oil, beeswax, turmeric extract made with vegetable glycerine and turmeric root, silk protein, honey, colloidal oatmeal, Turmeric Essential Oil, Vitamin E, cedarwood essential oil, sweet orange essential oil.


Turmeric and Honey Butter is not suitable for use by pregnant women as it contains a Retinoid.


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