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Trikampis Spa Bars

Trikampis Spa Bars

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Kefyr and Himalayan Salt Coconut Oil Soap intended to soften the skin. The Trikampis Spa Bars are made with Himalayan Salt for softening, detoxing, and deep-cleaning your pores and an extra dallop of coconut oil, all added to the soap batter just at the last moment, before pouring the soap.

I use the Trikampis Spa Bars three to four times per week because they soften my skin and I can feel that effect immediately after my shower.

Do try this soap out and let us know what it does for you.

The Trikampis Spa Bar is lightly scented with Lemongrass essential oil and is made with coconut oil, camellina seed oil and rapeseed oil.

*Handmade, Natural, and Organic Soap

*Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Locally-Farmed and Cold-Pressed Camelina Seed and Rapeseed Oils

*Soften Skin, Detox, Pore-Cleanser and Exfoliant

*Use Three Times Per Week

*Perfect for travel. Carry in your hand luggage.

*Solid Cosmetic in Recyclable Paper Packaging

*No Plastics or Synthetics

*Travel Cosmetic Suitable for Hand Luggage Carriage

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