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Face, Nail, Toe Brush Suitable for Dry Brushing

Face, Nail, Toe Brush Suitable for Dry Brushing

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These natural, wooden bristle brushes are suitable for use as part of your dry brushing routine.  Dry brushing routine to remove dead skin cells and surface impurties and environmental build-up that can clog your pores

To use the brush as part of your selfcare regime and facial care routine never wet the brush. Store it in a cool, dry cupboard. It should be cleaned periodically with warm, soapy water and set out to dry completely before using as part of your dry brush routine.

They're cute for sure. They will also make a helpful addition to your shower or bath routine. Or simply leave them on your sink to clean your finger nails and toe nails. Easy as...

Made of wood and all-natural bristles.


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