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Salt Clay Detox

Salt Clay Detox

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The most effective way to cleanse the body is by cleansing the skin. This is because 65% of body cleansing is achieved via skin-cleansing. To take a bath is therefore not just for relaxation it is for cleansing from the skin, the toxins and impurities we accumulate from our environment.

Asians, in particular, the Japanese, place great value on the detox bath so much so that they maintain public bath houses where Japanese soak themselves in the hottest possible water they could tolerate.

I think that to maintain a healthy skin, it is necessary to take a detox bath regularly.

Hazelberry Skinfood's Salt Clay Detox contains sea salt and kaolin clay with tea tree oil and lemon. Pour our Salt Clay Detox into a hot bath. Soak for 15 minutes or more, ideally 45 minutes. The hot water will draw the toxins to the surface of the skin and as the water cools, the toxins will be pulled into the water. The minerals from the salts and the clay will be gently absorbed into the skin.

Try it for:

Detoxifying, Cleansing the Pores, Aiding in Blood Flow and Circulation, Removing Surface Pollutants, Purifying and Anti-Fungal Properties.


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