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Rough Skin Relief Hand Cream for Men

Rough Skin Relief Hand Cream for Men

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Men need hand cream too. Especially if they are doctors, nurses, frontline workers, and conscientious humans engaging in the everyday fight against COVID19.

Frequent handwashing will lead to dry, parched, rough skin. This hand cream is made to intensely moisturise, soften calluses on hands, and repair damaged, dry skin. 

Try it for

Calluses on the tips of fingers, palms of the hands, and in the crease connecting the fingers. 

Use on thickened, rough skin on the knuckles of the hand, and nail cuticles

Peeling skin on palms and finger tips. 

Ingredients include: Aloe Vera juice, hemp seed oil, wild, flaxseed oil, Urea, allantoin, silk protein, colloidal oatmeal.


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