Mango and Ylang Ylang Natural Body Butter
Mango and Ylang Ylang Natural Body Butter

Mango and Ylang Ylang Natural Body Butter

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This is an an all-natural body butter suitable for use on skin. The Vitamin C in mango butter is said to help boost the skin and brighten it. It also has Vitamin A, which is said to help  increase the skin's youthful appearance, reducing fine lines. Mango butter is a rich moisturiser,  and is very soothing and healing to the skin.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is said to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood, and enhance libido. Plus, ylang ylang essential oil is said to act as a natural insect repellent, promote wound healing, and diminish the appearance of scars when applied to the skin.

This is a wonderful product to use on sore, dry, damaged hands. During this pandemic, it is the perfect skincare aid to resolve all the nagging skin issues that result from constant hand washing.

The scent of Ylang Ylang is best described as a very deep, heavy scent with hints of sunshiney, floral neroli, bursting ripe banana, and a pretty soft but lingering sweet jasmine. It's a scent that is calming to some. It is a lovely strong and lingering scent to have around the house.

As a home spa, bath, or breathing aid, simply add 10 to 20 g of the butter to a steaming bath.

Ingredients: Mango Butter, Ylang Ylang essential oil.