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Lithuanian Artisan Hemp Gift Soap

Lithuanian Artisan Hemp Gift Soap

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Made with Lithuanian non-genetically modified, organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil and wild flaxseed oil. They make the perfect gift for friends, colleagues, employees, or for your family members.

These pretty little soaps are handmade and natural and scented with a blend of delightful essential oils. The soaps are topped with dried flower petals, and the beautiful colours are pigmented earth-derived micas.

Main ingredients: Saponified oils of Lithuanuian Hemp, Rapeseed, Wild Flaxseed (Camellina Sativa Seed), Imported Coconut Oil, and Mango Butter, Lithuanian Milk Cream, Colloidal Oatmeal, French Mineral Clay, Essential Oils, Parfum, and Sea Salt.

Packaging: All-Natural Covered Wood Container, Recyclable Paper.

Each soap is approximately 8cm in Diameter. 80g

Minimum Quantity Order: 6 Soaps. Each order comes with six soaps that are pre-packaged and labelled.


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