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Lip Balms in Ice Cream Case

Lip Balms in Ice Cream Case

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Moisturise, soothe, heal with our natural waxes and oil lip balms that contain only skin-nourishing oils and butters that will leave your lips feeling supple and soft.

The ingredients in this lip balm are Shea Butter, Lithuanian Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Lithuanian Flax Seed Oil, Fruit Powder, and a Fruity Lip Balm Essence.

This product, like all of our products, is handmade, natural, cruelty-free, multipurpose (yes, I've used it to smoothe my eyebrows and soothe the tip of my red, weather-sore nose).

Comes in a pretty macaroon case with top lid/closure. Also, in an ice cream case with mini lip sponge applicator stick. 

Fruit mix flavour. 


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