Moisture Bar- Solid Lotion Bar
Moisture Bar- Solid Lotion Bar
Moisture Bar- Solid Lotion Bar

Moisture Bar- Solid Lotion Bar

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This is a solid lotion bar. A body moisturiser. Massage the moisture bar directly onto your skin and your body temperature will allow it to melt into your skin, soothing and softening as you go.  It contains cocoa and shea butters, beeswax  and wild flaxseed oil from a small batch producer in Vilnius, Lithuania. It also contains skin-nourishing vitamins, moisture-retaining vegetable glycerin, and soothing powders.

As cocoa butter is one of the heavier body butters, it is best used on the body and not on the face. For example, this solid lotion is perfect for softening the hands and feet. Try on pregnant tummies for smoothing and fading lines and marks on hips and thighs. Wonderful for improving the texture and tone on the neck and decolletage.

*All-Natural, Oganic, No synthetics

*Recyclable box packaging.

*Skin-softening, soothing, quick absorbing.

*Perfect for After-Sun Care and for use during the harsh winter months.

*Relieves dry, cracked, peeling hands.

*For softer feet, especially on the soles of your feet if used overnight. 

*Suitable for use all over the body. 

* Valued by pregnant women to aid in preventing or fading stretch marks. 


* Perfect for travel. Carry in your hand luggage.

It weighs approximately 80g.

Store in a cool, dry place. Expires six months after first use.