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Double Globe Head Facial Contourer and Massager

Double Globe Head Facial Contourer and Massager

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Lift, massage, and contour the muscles of your face and neck with this vibrating facial massager. 

This battery operated massager helps to lift sagging skin with its rotating and suctioning gold balls and helps to enhance blood flow and circulation.

The double roller globes will provide an intense kneading, suctioning, and vibrating pull that follows the lines and natural contours of your skin. The shape is great for targeting the jawline area—ideal for those who deal with jaw pain or who grind at night—as it rolls smoothly, but deeply over the bone. 

Used for :

Relieving tension through facial massage. 

Lymphatic drainage of the face of environmental toxins. 

Facial massage for depuffing the skin on the face after heavy consumption of alcohol, travel on airplane or sleepless nights. 

At-home spa and beauty skincare aid for glowing complexion and a rested and refreshed look. 

Approximately 20 cm in length. Fits neatly in the palm of your hands. AA battery. 

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