Facial Cleansing Balms

Facial Cleansing Balms

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This is not a soap. This is a soothing, calming, repairing, anti-acne facial detoxant and cleanser that leaves your face smooth, clean, and clear of sun-damage, dead skin cells, make-up residue, poisons, and toxins. Perfect for  a morning face wash or for washing away make-up and a long, tired day.

The facial cleansing balms contain Lithuanian hemp seed oil which is a non- genetically modified, organic, and lightweight oil. It is high in lineoleic acid, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which make the oil entirely sought after because it will not clog your pores and helps in the skin regeneration process.

These work perfectly and harmoniosuly with your skin and are PH tested at 4.8 and will keep your skin in the perfect PH range of 4 to 6 with use.

Green Facial Cleansing Balms also contain aloe vera and chamomile hydrosol and green French clay.

Red Facial Cleansing Balms contain hibiscus glycerite, hibiscus hydrosol, and red French clay.