Exfoliating Foot Polish
Exfoliating Foot Polish

Exfoliating Foot Polish

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It tingles! This is a delightfully tingly cream soap and moisturising foot scrub with skin-softening shea butter, aroma-essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree dissolved in menthol crystals.

The skin-peeling and smoothing quality of the scrub comes from natural pumice stones ground into a fine powder and joint-relaxing Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate).

Use this creamy foot smoother and polish to tackle:

Calloused, dry, peeling, dead skin, and shoe-roughened feet

Yellowing toes from too much nail polish wear 

Athlete's Foot and Toe Nail Fungus

Enhancement of blood flow and circulation and joint tension relief 

This polish can also be used as an in-shower or bath foot massage aid as the Epsom Salt is perfectly suited for relieving stressed and sore muscles, joints, and veins.

A rinse off product. 

Ingredients include: Shea butter, whipped coconut-derived cream soap, Glycerine, Menthol crystals, Epsom salt, pumice stone, White Clay, Vitamin E, Essential Oil blend.

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300 g.