Cukraus šveitiklis
Cukraus šveitiklis

Cukraus šveitiklis

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Sugar Scrub. This is a light-weight, non greasy body exfoliant for use in the bath tub or shower.

Ingredients: It contains all-natural sugar for buffing away deadskin, luxury foaming soap, shea butter, grapeseed oil, kaolin clay, goatmilk powder and vitamin E for a moist, wonderful, silky after-shower feeling. It is decandetly scented with (orange blossom--orange); (strawberry poppy seed--red); (blueberry and jasmine--purple). 200g

* Removes Dry, Course, Dead Skin

* Cleans and Softens Skin All Over the Body

* Leaves a Smooth, Supple Feeling After Bath or Shower

Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Fresh, Organic Oils and Naturally-Derived Ingredients.