Coco-Caribbean Bath Milk
Coco-Caribbean Bath Milk

Coco-Caribbean Bath Milk

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Use as a Body Scrub or Bath Soak. A milk bath leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The fat and protein in the milk provide this immediate benefit in your bathwater. The lactic acid in milk has an antiwrinkle effect and softens the skin. The milk hydrates the skin, preventing dryness. The sea salt and clays draw out toxins from your body, preventing acne. 230 g

* Hydrate and Repair Dry Skin

* Buff and Peel Away Damaged Surface Skin Cells

* Remove Impurities

* Soak, Relax and De-Stress

*Anti-wrinkle treatment

Ingredients include goatmilk powder, sea salt, coconut oil, kaoilin clay and vitamine E. It is fragranced with a delightfully energising coconut and lemongrass blend.