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Bubble Fizz and Bath Soak

Bubble Fizz and Bath Soak

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Bubble bath, bath bomb, and fizz.  Fill a tub with water and drop this cupcake in. Soak for 15 minutes or more.The whipped topping is a moisturising foam soap that can be used to massage and scrub the skin as you soak in the bath tub. It is scented with lemon and forest berries.

* Relax and Soak Muscles

* Lather, Scrub and Massage

* Detox and Relieve Stress

Ingredients:  Don't be fooled by the colours, they are micas, which are pigmented earth-derived minerals. This is a natural product with baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, corn starch, ground flax seed, colloidal oatmeal, a coconut derived cleanser and cocoa butter.

The scent is a blend of lemongrass, coconut, and lemon vanilla. 



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