Black Shaving Butter
Black Shaving Butter

Black Shaving Butter

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A modern approach to shaving. This is a shaving cream made with activated charcoal, tea tree essential oil, and five different butters to ensure the care and nourishment of your skin with each slide of your razor.

Activated charcoal is a triple shave-aid as it is soothing and detoxifying and purifying--meaning it will aid in the prevention of clogged pores and the pulling of surface dirt, toxins, and environmental pollutants as you shave. It is typically used in cosmetic-making to prevent bumps, acne, and the clogging of pores. Now it is combined with luxurious foaming surfactants, moisture-rich and nourishing argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and soothing extracts, urea, and allantoin to add moisture, prevent razor bumps, and nourish your skin to secure its regeneration with every swipe of your razor.

To use, simply wet the area to be shaved and your finger tips. Smooth on the shaving butter with wet fingers tips. Alternatively, use a shaving bowl and brush and create a creamy foam by adding a few drops if water to the Black shaving butter, until you've reached your desired shaving butter consistency. Shave as normal. Apply as much creamy butter as needed with water to create a silky, smooth shaving area. Rinse off after shaving.

Optiinal: Apply Hazelberry Skinfood Post-shave Lotion to moisture and soothe the area.

Ingredients include : coconut-derived cream soap, shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerite, Urea, allantoin, Vitamin E.