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Beauty Bar Soap: Vilnius in Colour

Beauty Bar Soap: Vilnius in Colour

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This soap smells like a birthday cake. Vanilla and sugar are the base with a tiny hint of star anise at the top. A foody scent for sure.

The colours of the Lithuanian Flag are red, green, and yellow. The soap colours are meant to replicate the vibrant colours of the Lithuanian flag swirled in the pretty forest-like, green surroundings of Vilnius in the background. Pretty, summer-sunny Vilnius is represented by the soap colours. This soap is an everyday use bar of soap. It is handmade, like all of our other products.

This Beauty Bar soap, like the others, are given extra moisture and softness with cocoa and shea butters. It also contains nourishing skin foods like goatmilk, a blend of whipped heavy and sour creams made in Lithuania, and soothing colloidal oatmeal---all dispersed in some wonderful Lithuanian oils like Wild Flaxseed Oil, rich in OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 3. These oils are great for skin regeneration. 

The soap weighs approximately 220 g. For longer use keep out of water in between use. Do enjoy.

* Handmade, Natural, and Organic Soap

* Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Locally-Farmed and Cold-Pressed Wild Flaxseed and Rapeseed Oils. It also contains skin-loving shea and coca butters.

For a very decadent after-shower experience, try using this soap with our Moisture Bar  (which is a solid lotion/body butter and moisturiser).

* Smooth, Soften, Improve Skin Texture

* For Everyday Use in the Bath or Shower


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