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Beauty Bar Soap: Vanilla Berry

Beauty Bar Soap: Vanilla Berry

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This is a sweet one. Some black, and blue berries, some lemons, and the sleepy scent of cotton candy-like vanilla as a base.

All Beauty Bar Soaps are made with the incredible Lithuanian oils, rich in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6--- the oils have skin renewal and healing qualities that ought to renew the skin.  We've topped off the soap with melted shea and cocoa butters to leave your skin soft and nourished. Decadence and luxury comes in the form of full-fat whipped cream, Tussah silk, and French Clays.

Here's a tip for you: use this soap, and only this soap to wash in the shower/bath for three weeks. It's what I did to see whether it made a difference to my skin. It has tremendously improved the texture and feel of my skin---I just love that my skin feels so soft and a newborn baby dipped in milk and wrapped in silk. Enjoy!

* Handmade, Natural, and Organic Soap

* Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Locally-Farmed and Cold-Pressed Wild Flaxseed and Rapeseed Oils

* Smooth, Soften, Improve Skin Texture

* For Everyday Use in the Bath or Shower

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