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Beauty Bar Soap: Mango Delight

Beauty Bar Soap: Mango Delight

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I smell mango, basil, mandarins, coconuts and more mango. All of our Beauty Bar Soaps are made with  Lithuanian oils rich in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 to help in the skin regeneration an healing process. These Beauty Bar soaps leave my skin incredibly soft and moist-- that's on account of the extra melted shea and cocoa butters that are added to the soap batter after saponification. These soaps also contain some wonderful skin foods like  colloidal oatmeal, silk, whipped cream, goatmilk powder, and earth-derived mineral powders. What can I say: I love luxury ingredients. 220g.

Tip for your: this soap, and all Hazelberry Skinfood soaps, lasts longer if you dry it in between baths. Indulge and enjoy!

* Handmade, Natural, and Organic Soap

* Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Locally-Farmed and Cold-Pressed Wild Flaxseed and Rapeseed Oils

* Smooth, Soften, Improve Skin Texture

* For Everyday Use in the Bath or Shower

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