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Beauty Bar Soap: Figberry

Beauty Bar Soap: Figberry

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This is a pretty soap to be sure and it is all-natural ! But it is also incredibly great on my skin. It contains Lithuanian oils like Wild Flaxseed which is rich in OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 3 and is given extra moisture with cocoa and shea butters. It smells like a delicious bowl of wild figs nestled next to a sweet glass of crème de cassis. It's lovely, actually.

The Beauty Bar Soaps measure 76mm x 26mm x 142mm and weighs 220g. That's quite a big bar of soap. You can use a knife to cut it into smaller pieces if you'd like. I prefer to use it as it is; and I just allow the large surface area of the soap to glide directly over my skin when I am in the shower. Happy shower time to you!

* Handmade, Natural, and Organic Soap

* Made in Vilnius, Lithuania with Locally-Farmed and Cold-Pressed Wild Flaxseed and Rapeseed Oils

* Smooth, Soften, Improve Skin Texture

* For Everyday Use in the Bath or Shower

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