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Aroma Wax Melts

Aroma Wax Melts

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These pretty room fragrances are made from a blend of rapeseed oil and beeswax. They are gorgeously scented and are a wonderful way to sweeten up bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom, and foyers. They are perfect addition to a relaxing evening at home or intimate entertainment of close family and friends.

To use simply put in a heat-safe, ceramic, or oven-safe bowl with legs. Insert a lit tea light underneath. Ideal for use with a ceramic aroma melter bowl. Melt and let the fragrance infuse your home. 

Keep away from children. Flammable while in use, so observe fire safety.

Made from Rapeseed Oil, beeswax, perfume/ fragrance oil.

Your order will contain a box of 275g of flower shaped aroma melts, each weighing 2g to 5g.


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