Make Your Perfume Last Longer: One Tip!

Make Your Perfume Last Longer: One Tip!

Perfumers are made with one, very ephemeral ingredient: Perfumer's alcohol. And alcohol evaporates into the air. So, to make your perfume last longer, apply a moisturiser first.

The oil in the moisturiser traps the blended perfume fragrance and makes it adhere longer to your skin. 

You can use your favourite lotion, butter, or body oil. Simply apply the moisturiser in areas where you want to wear your perfume. Such as on your pulse points - - on your neck, wrists, elbow, back of the knees, chest, behind your ear. Then spritz on your perfume. This is what is meant by applying perfume in layers.

If you'd like to make perfume with Hazelberry Skinfood, please visit our workshop page.

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