What Every Girl Needs in a Shampoo Bar

What Every Girl Needs in a Shampoo Bar


☑ Moisture from oils

☑ Nutrients and Antioxidants from Botanical Extracts 

☑ A cleanser that is gentle on the hair. 


Every girl needs a Shampoo Bar that comes with Moisture! Shampoos contain surfactants/cleansing agents that can strip the hair of oils. Oils help to seal in hydration (water) and give nutrients to the scalp.


Ideally, we want a shampoo bar that contains superlightweight oils that will not weight down the hair but which will give the hair moisture and moisture-retaining ability.


Hempseed Oil is non-comedogenic so it will not weigh down your hair or give it a greasy feel and look after you wash your hair. And of course Hempseed Oil comes from seeds which are rich in Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids which help to restore the hair shaft.


As Cleansing agents can be harsh, and cause allergy and irritation, choose one that is known not to irritate--typically a cleanser commonly used in babycare products. They are effective in adult hear too. I like to use a coconut oil-derived cleanser.


And always look for botanical, fruit, or vegetable extracts in your Shampoos. They add the necessary antioxidants to your hair to prevent breakdown of the hair strands due to toxic chemicals in our environment. Look for rosemary, tomato, pea sativum, chamomile, tea tree, Aloe, silk protein, etc. 


If you have any questions send a message to us @hazelberryskinfood on instagram. 

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