Unfiltered Skin in My Forties: How to Care For Older Women's Skin

I rarely have skin troubles. Thank God. But I do three, simple, and consistent things to keep my skin healthy, nourished, and relatively blemish-free.

1. I use a triple cleansing balm as a face wash and dry brush two to three times per week. I use Hazelberry Skinfood Botanical Facial Cleansing Balm in Turmeric. It is an oil-based cleanser with White clay to purify and turmeric to tone, remove dark spots, and help my skin glow. Dry brushing is magical for keeping my skin smooth and with a nice surface.

2. I use Hemp Repair Super Intense Moisturiser. Hemp Seed Oil is extremely light and will not clog pores and the oil is best-loved for skin regeneration. I use it in the mornings only. The moisturiser has COQ10 which is anti-aging. You can also take COQ10 in tablet form. There is also a night cream version of Hemp Repair for face. It contains Retinol which every woman over 25 should be using at night. 

3. I use a vitamin serum at night, right before bed as I trawl twitter, I apply the serum. My favourite is Hemp and COQ10. 

And that's it! I keep it simple. And I do these things every day.