The Lipstick Index and Little Luxuries for Mom

In the midst of this incredible inflation and the attendant price hikes, people are trying to cut back. But women especially have a way of turning to little luxuries in tough times. The lipstick index coined by Leonard Lauder, son of Estee Lauder, was used to describe the phenomenon. Little lotions, hand creams, pretty little candles-- little luxuries you can still afford. And definitely at Hazelberry Skinfood.

What little luxuries are you thinking of buying for the moms in your life on Mother's Day? Lipsticks, miniature perfume sets, luxury candles, handcreams? There are so many options for affordable gifts for mom. 

One suggestion from me: Our Moisture Bar Solid Lotions are little and sweet and pack a whole lot of luxury-- they'll make you soft, perfumed, silky, and gives a huge feeling of indulgence and selfcare and at the best, most affordable price. You keep evening out and toning your skin, fading your stretch marks and dark spots, and we'll keep making these sweet, little luxuries for you.