Raised and Darkened Pores and Shaving Bumps on Legs

Raised and Darkened Pores and Shaving Bumps on Legs

How to Fix Strawberry Legs?

What Causes Raised and Darkened Pores on Your Legs?

You know that darker, pitted pore look with black and brown, razor bump dots all over your legs? When your open pores and hair follicles trap dry flakes or dead skin, excess oils,  bacteria and become clogged they darken and become raised. The skin starts to look like tiny darkened and raised bumps like the little seeds on a strawberry. Fortunately they are not permanent and you can treat them. 

You deserve a fun summer at the beach. It takes only 2 months to visibly improve the skin on the hips, legs, and thighs--sometimes even on the back of your arms above your elbows. To remove clogged and enlarged and discolored pores and hair follicles you should:

To fix it in time for summer dress, shorts, and swimsuit season you need to

1. Add a good moisturiser that thoroughly smooths the skin as it alleviates dryness and prevent more dots from forming and use it EVERY DAY 👏🏿. Dry, flakey skin clogs your pores. A lotion with Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Lactic Acid helps to smooth your skin and removes dry, peeling top skin. So use a lotion or moisturising body cream with fruit acids like lemon peel extract or sugar cane extract. 

2. Exfoliate and buff away dead skin BEFORE you shave. Always. Then, always moisturise after shaving because many shaving creams have no oils/moisturisers in them. So use a body butter or lotion after shaving. Always. You can also use a shaving butter instead of just an ordinary foam shaver that has no added Moisturisers. Look at the ingredient label of your shaving foam to see whether oils or butters are listed. 

3. Use a moisturising product or body wash or scrub with glycolic acid, or AHAs that smooth the skin and prevent acne. Lotions also can  contain fruit extracts like lemon peel (AHAs) and sugar cane extracts (glycolic acid) help to remove those strawberry dotted and raised pores, even as they work to reduce the dark brown and black spots. But scrubs or dry brushing alone will not be effective in addressing strawberry legs and a good lotion with natural skin-smoothing extracts are an excellent way to achieve transformed skin on your legs in 2 months.

For Hazelberry Skinfood products that can help treat Strawberry legs, clogged pores, and ingrown hair, try Exotic Mango Moisturiser and Sweet Scentsations Shaving Butter. 

Exotic Mango is formulated with fruit mix and lemon peel extracts together with easily absorbed Mango Butter and Wild Flaxseed Oil and the very excellent Cocoa Butter which fades pigmented, darkened skin, and stretch marks.

Sweet Scentsations Shaving Butter is a Foamy Shaving Butter with Five Oils infused with Chamomile Extract to Moisturise and Calm irritated skin. 

Also try Exfoliating Foot Polish which contains tea tree essential oil for addressing bacteria and urea for removing calluses and repairing the skin. 

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