Number 1 Face Cream--- Best Seller

Number 1 Face Cream--- Best Seller

When I started this shop I didn't intend to make Face Creams. I wanted to just make body products as in "bath and body" products. Haha.. 🤣. Jokes on me because the Face is a part of the body. But the beauty industry has made it so that Face Creams are the Holy Grail and you rarely find them at a Bath and Body shop, right? 

Well, it was a customer who commissioned a Face Cream for himself that got me started. Ugis is a special customer from Latvia who adores Skinfood and is a well-versed in cosmetic and skincare. He is a vorocious skincare shopper. He came in one day and bought a bunch of our products and loved them. So he asked me to work with him on making a Body Cream and the Body Cream evolved into a lightweight Face Cream with special ingredients for his very sensitive skin.

Hemp Repair Super Moisture Face Cream is for everyone. Even though it's super moisture retaining it is very lightweight due to the non-comodogenic hemp seed oil which is a foundation ingredient in the cream. It is formulated with skin-healing aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid solution which helps the skin retain moisture for longer periods. It also has healing ingredients such as urea and allantoin. And anti-aging coenzyme q10. I love it for me and I love it for all of you. Men and women.

It is our Number 1 Face Cream at Hazelberry Skinfood and a Bestseller at our shop. 

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