Gift Guide 2021: For a Friend

Gift Guide 2021: For a Friend


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1.Dessert Soap  2. Vita-mineral Bath Soak

3. Travel and Pocket-size Hand Soap

4. Set of 5 Cotton Sheet Masks 

5. Body Massage Bath Brush 

6.Eucalptus Bath Salts  7.Lithuanian Hemp Linen Toiletry Bag  8. Tea Tree and Aloe Face Mist and Toner

9. Perfumed Guest Soap     10. Mango and Ylang Ylang Natural Body Butter   

11. Personalised Soapmaking Lesson 

12. Home Spa Mortar and Pestle Set 

13. French Yellow Clay Face Mask Powder 

14. Hemp and Coenzyme Collagen Booster Serum 



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