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Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

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Celebrate mom with pretty, selfcare bath and body treats. Create a lovely mix of items for your mom, sister, aunt, best friend, or colleague for Mother's Day. All your gift selections will be packed in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon, and will include a lovely notecard.

Gua Sha Home Therapy Kit €42

Know of a pretty, special mom that loves delicate pinks and pastels and loves performing a nightly beauty ritual? This Gua Sha Oil with Pink/Rose Quartz Roller and Petite Facial Mirror is perfect for her. The Gua Sha Facial Massage Oil will can be used to dot the skin on the face, before applying the Gua Sha Roller to massage, de-puff, increase blood flow and circulation of the face. The pretty, little mirror is a handy, palm-sized tool every woman should have in her purse. 

 Lavender Leisure €32

This luxe lavender-scented box is made special because every item is perfumed with the refreshing, clean, and relaxing scent of lavender plus gorgeous perfume notes of vanilla, orange spice, and a zing of lime. This gift set contains lavender bath salts, a French Clay Detox soap, and an extremely moisturising body butter solid lotion, and an orange spice lavender candle. It's a perfect gift for relaxing and re-charging. 

Coconut Lemon Paradise €28

Transport a friend to a colourful vacation paradise with this fresh, colourful, and fragrant gift. It contains a Coconut Lemongrass Moisture Bar for intensely moisturising the skin, a luxurious and soft milled Tunisian body blanket, and a pretty miniature lemonberry candle. 

Beauty Guru €36

For the DIY specialist who loves to make a nourishing and detoxifying face mask, the Beauty Guru gift set is ideal. It comes with a Cotton Sheet Mask Packet, French Yellow Clay, a Mini Mortar and Pestle for blending your face mask, a Mask Applicator Brush, and our Tea Tree and Aloe Face Mist for application after your mask. 

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